On the hunt to quench your thirst for adventure? You've come to the right place! Tag your travel buddies and slowly tick off each country on this list. Don't worry about breaking the bank. All these places are budget-friendly. Scroll down to know more!

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1. Indonesia

Why you should visit: While Indonesia is known for its fine beaches reminiscent of paradise, this country is also a must-visit for its luxurious accommodations, rice terraces, ancient structures, and wildlife. Did you know you it's the home of Komodo dragons, the largest lizard in the world?

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Conversion: 1 Indonesian Rupiah = 0.0038 Philippine Peso

Tourist Visa: None if you are staying for less than 30 days.

2. Cambodia

Why you should visit: You've probably heard about the country's majestic Angkor temples and its untouched beaches. But one of the things you really go to Cambodia for is the food. Dishes made from coconut cream and their own version of curry are just some of the dishes you'll learn to love!

Conversion: 1 Cambodian Riel = 0.013 Philippine Peso

Tourist Visa: None if you are staying up to 21 days only.

3. Vietnam

Why you should visit: Upscale accommodations that won't break the bank? Count us in! The best part? You don't need to burn through your savings to experience everything good Vietnam has to offer. Kayak your way through Ha Long Bay or eat your heart's content in Hanoi, or just relax in ancient Hoi An and nearby beaches. 

Conversion: 1 Vietnamese Dong = 0.0023 Philippine Peso

Tourist Visa: None if you are staying up to 21 days only.


4. Laos

Why you should visit: Laos is home to great mountains, amazing food, and a happy nightlife! The emerging tourist destination should be on your radar as you can also experience its slow-paced lifestyle while cruising on the river with a cold bottle of Beer Lao in your hand. You can also hike up the trail leading to the UNESCO world heritage city of Luang Prabang or, better yet, stay in small towns surrounded by rice fields and get to know the locals. All these for extremely low-priced goodness. Don't believe us? Just check the currency conversion below!

Conversion: 1 Laotian Kip = 0.0062 Philippine Peso

Tourist Visa: None if you are staying up to 60 days only.

5. Thailand

Why you should visit: Known for its floating markets and staggeringly low-priced fashion finds, Thailand is also home to great cuisine and incredibly blessed surroundings that will allow you to do island hopping across the world's best unspoiled islands.


Conversion: 1 Thai Baht = 1.55 Philippine Peso

Tourist Visa:  None if you are staying up to 30 days only.

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6. India

Why you should visit: Majestic and culturally rich, you can get the biggest bang for your buck if you know where to look and how to haggle. India is home to 29 states that will give you a feast of the senses. Be it in the pink city of Jaipur, the white sands of Kerala, or the regality of the Taj Mahal in Agra, there's so much to see and experience in India. Trust us, you won't even need to shell out a lot.

Conversion: 1 Indian Rupee = 0.79 Philippine Peso

Tourist Visa: You need to apply. Double entry for 60 days and would be valid up to four months.

7. Nepal

Why you should visit: Namaste, Nepal! This charming country will let you trek among the Himalayas, enjoy the view of Kathmandu, and perhaps better your luck in its temples. You can even see their jungle safaris or kayak around Lake Phewa!


Tourist Visa: You need to apply. Valid for 15-90 days.

Conversion: 1 Nepalese Rupee = 0.50 Philippine Peso

8. Bulgaria

Why you should visit: While traveling to Europe may stretch out your wallet, going to Bulgaria would be relatively cheaper than anywhere else. Experience the rich art and history the country can offer. Go for a wine tour or hit the Black Sea or Liulin Beach while you're there. But if you prefer to explore the second oldest city in Europe, then you won't be disappointed strolling around the city of Sofia where you'll find pieces of history tucked away in various museums and galleries.

Conversion: 1 Bulgarian Rev = 30.57 Philippine Peso

Tourist Visa: You need to apply. 

9. China

Why you should visit: Forbidden City, Great Wall of China, and exotic food (and an abundance of Xiao Long Bao!). What more can you want in this highly advanced country that has learned to master living in between the future and the now?


Conversion: 1 Chinese Yuan = 7.75 Philippine Peso

Tourist Visa: You need to apply. Valid for 21 days.

10. Peru

Why you should visit: Cusco and Machu Picchu should be on your travel bucket list if you are on the hunt for the best Peruvian textiles which are known for its bright and vibrant hues. Explore the high mountains and meet the locals who are warm and accepting. They'd probably show you the coolest sights in their country, too, like the lost city of the Incas.

Conversion: 1 Peruvian Sol = 15.88 Philippine Peso

Tourist Visa: None. You can stay up to 183 days.

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11. Taiwan

Why you should visit: Who wouldn't want an authentic Taiwanese milk tea? Flock over to Taiwan for cheap fashion finds, street food, and of course, uniquely flavored milk teas!

Conversion: 1 New Taiwan Dollar = 1.71 Philippine Peso

Tourist Visa: None. You can stay up to 14 days.

12. Sri Lanka

Why you should visit: Sri Lanka may be known for its fine beaches and fantastic waves, but you'd also want to visit this country for its cheap luxury hotel accommodations. You can visit fresh markets, monasteries, and Buddha temples. You just have to bear the traffic as you ride your tuk-tuk!


Conversion: 1 Sri Lankan Rupee = 0.34 Philippine Peso

Tourist Visa: You need to apply. Double entry for 30 days and would be valid up to six months.

13. Mongolia

Why you should visit: Mongolia is fit for backpackers who want to experience nomadic life in the desert. Set up your tents or stay at the homes of locals—either way, you'll get charmed by its landscapes

Conversion: 1 Mongolian Tugrik = 0.021 Philippine Peso

Tourist Visa: None. You can stay up to 21 days.

14. Malaysia

Why you should visit: Tong Yang, twin towers, and fashion. You may know Malaysia with these key points but this country has so much to offer. Go diving, temple hopping, or join festivals in caves without breaking the bank!

Conversion: 1 Malaysian Ringgit = 12.15 Philippine Peso

Tourist Visa: None. You can stay up to 30 days.

15. Honduras

Why you should visit: Nestled in Central America, one would often overlook Honduras and instead travel to Belize or Costa Rica. But don't undermine this country. In it you'll find a more affordable version of the Carribean, with its pristine beaches and clear waters. Not a beach person? Maybe you'll enjoy a walk down history as you enjoy post-colonial buildings which you'll find in Comayagua city.


Conversion: 1 Honduran Lempira = 2.19 Philippine Peso

Tourist Visa: You need to apply.  But if you hold a valid visa from the United States, Canada, or any Schengen Member State, you do not need to obtain a visa to Honduras for a stay of up to 90 days.

*All conversions are as of November 2017.

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This story originally appeared on Preview.ph.

* Minor edits have been made by the Femalenetwork.com editors.

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