Despite the popularity of cable TV and a million and one new commercials that we now enjoy, a simple mention of one of these three brands can still have us playing their jingles in our heads. After all, we had to endure the worst commercial jingles along with the best, and we fervently hoped that we won’t be caught unconsciously humming them in public. Check them out below!

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"Caronia, Caronia
The secret of beauty is in your hands
Caronia, Caronia
Your beauty shines with Caronia

The first Caronia commercial actually came out in 1968 on black and white TV, featuring four models in Mary Quant Mondrian-esque miniskirts, bobs and black eyeliner dancing to the original jingle from which we only remember the word "Manicura!" It was reincarnated in the '80s in a commercial choreographed by Douglas Nierras and directed by Fritz Infante. With the same singsong jingle but with more contemporary words and the sight of four models, now in fuchsia and electric blue mini-dresses, dancing in front of life-sized Caronia nail polish bottles, it has become one of the hardest TV commercials to forget. The nail polish brand didn't come out with a lot of other TV commercials after that, but the product remained on grocery shelves and on ladies' well-manicured tips over the years.


"B-E-A-M means smile
Smile kami 'pag Beam
BEAM na BEAM ngipi'y protektado
Panalo sa presyo, panalo, 'pag BEAM

One of the best of the worst, the Beam jingle does what other commercials aspire to do: make you remember it for a long time. Beam Toothpaste's ad scores high on brand awareness and recall. And even if we're not sure if we believe that "B-E-A-M means smile," we can easily sing to the ad with bright, toothy grins.


"Seiko Seiko Wallet
Ang wallet na masuwerte
Balat nito ay genuine
International pa ang mga design
Ang wallet na masuwerte
Seiko Seiko Wallet

Strong in recall, the Seiko wallet ditty is a singular hit about how the genuine (pronounced JIN-YOU-WHINE) leather wallets equate luck and prosperity. Ignore the song-writing and appreciate the novelty. And while the commercial itself was not anywhere near Cannes-worthy, the jingle is an LSS stand-out, a Hall-of-Famer if there was any.

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