The sweater weather we’re enjoying these months may be heavenly, but if we’re being honest, this might be the only positive aspect of the rainy season. You better keep a jacket and your trusty umbrella on hand lest you get drenched in rainfall that, these days, is bound to come as often as the dreaded traffic in EDSA. While we can spend all day at the pool or the beach, we have to face the fact that we’re not waterproof, and if we’re going to be hard-headed, we should expect coughs and colds to rain (pun shamelessly intended) on our parade.

But while we may not be that resistant to the drizzles and the splashes, the same, fortunately, cannot be said for some of the latest gadgets technology has spawned. Check out these seven water-friendly gadgets below that are guaranteed to keep on working even if things get wet and messy!

(Background photo by Ian Britton via Flickr Creative Commons)

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