Good news: Your boss tells you that under no circumstances are you supposed to report to the office today. Everyone in your family has been accounted for. Your neighborhood is not flooded and all the clothes in your sampayan have been transfered to the sala. Now, what? Here, a few ideas on how to spend your mandated break from work.

1. Curl up with a good book.

When was the last time you sank your teeth into a good mystery novel? Take your pick from your personal library and find a window seat to read in.
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2. Drink hot chocolate.
Hot chocolate is best savored on only two occasions: when it’s raining cats and dogs and when it’s December, whichever comes first. If there’s nothing urgent that needs your attention, raid your pantry for that last tsokolate tablet.

3. Spend some time between the sheets.

You are entitled to a lazy Friday. Have a lie-in with your man. Sleep, cuddle, or have sex--nothing brings couples closer than the need for body heat.
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4. Stock up on snacks.
If there’s a sari-sari store, or better yet, a community supermarket near your house, take a few minutes to dash in and out for some snacks. You don't want to be stuck indoors all day long only to find out that there's nothing to eat!

5. Listen to a rainy day playlist.
Don’t have a ready mix tape? No problem! Go to Spotify and choose from any of the already existing rainy day playlists online.
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6. Charge your electronics.
Plug in your laptop, phone, mp3 player, and emergency light. You never know just when the entire neighborhood will go dark.

7. Be a couch potato.
Another thing you’re entitled to when the rain is this bad: boob tube time. Rewatch Outlander, Vampire Diaries, Revenge--whatever your choice is, we won’t judge--and settle down in front of the TV or your laptop comfortably. You’ve worked hard all week; you deserve some time with Jamie, Damien, and Aiden.
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(Flashbox photo by Khanh Hmoong via Flickr Creative Commons)

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