It is one thing to go on a 2-to-4-hour flight. But a 6-to-12-hour one? Well, that's a completely different story. Long-haul flights can be very grueling, and if you don’t prepare properly, you might find yourself having a very hard time. Going on a long journey soon? Check out these tips that'll ensure you get through your flight in one piece.

1. Keep your blood flowing
Make sure to stretch to wake up your blood circulation (and tired muscles) during the flight. Not convinced this will help? Well, not stretching can actually lead to getting blood clots, deep vein thrombosis, and even a stroke (Eep!). Use your bathroom breaks to get a good stretch. Also, walk around the aisle from time to time.

2. Get some shut-eye
We know it can be hard to catch some Z's, especially when you're in a cramped, slightly uncomfy space. But no matter how challenging it can get, try to sleep. This will actually help you get through part of that long-haul flight. It’s even more important to get some rest if you have to work as soon as you land. Here's something worth trying: Invest in a good eye mask and earplugs.


3. Entertain your self
Find other ways keep your self busy and entertained for the rest of the flight. Play games on your phone, bring a good book or two, and watch in-flight movies. Time will fly if you’re preoccupied.

4. Find the right seat
If you’re comfortable from the start of the flight, the rest of the journey won’t be as challenging. The best place to sit is by the aisle, near the rest room or emergency exit. Try to get to the airport early to check in so you’ll have a better selection of seats. You can also pay a little extra while buying your ticket for a pre-selected seat.

5. Talk it out
Talking to someone is the best way to help pass the time. If you are traveling alone, you might as well try to get to know your seatmate. You might discover that this person is someone interesting enough to turn into a friend. Going on this trip with a family member or friend? Your plane ride is also a great opportunity to learn more about sib or bestie.

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