1. Walk along Luna Pebble Beach
Luna Pebble Beach is known for – you guessed it – pebbles. Thousands of water-smoothed stones line the shore, which are one of the sources of livelihood for the locals. Make sure to take time to visit the Luna Watchtower, a 400-year old structure built during the Spanish era which volunteers are now trying to restore.


2. Pay homage to nature at Balay Anito Falls

Nestled like a secret, deep in the forests of Baranggay Lettac Sur, Santol, Balay Anito Falls seems to be what to be its name connotes—a home of anitos or ancient spirits. This is why before exploring this beautiful haven, visitors need to say a prayer and offer food and drink to please its unseen guardians. Balay Anito Falls has an inexplicable air of mysticism that recharges weary travellers, and it urges you to fall silent for a few hours to just appreciate the beauty that it offers.

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3. Surf at Urbiztondo
Thinking of hitting the waves? Urbiztondo is known as one of the best places to practice surfing, which is why many enthusiasts and professionals gather here during surfing season. Waves start to come in by May, and eventually grow consistent starting October and peak in December. You won’t have to worry about learning how to surf as there are many organizations that offer classes in the area.

Aside from being a surfer’s paradise, Urbiztondo is also the nesting ground of the rare Olive Ridely sea turtle. During the recent SOS Coastival organized by Human Nature and Save Philippine Seas, environmental groups and volunteers raised awareness about these majestic pawikan in the hopes that tourists will be more aware of how much the area needs to be treated as a sanctuary for these creatures.


4. Hike the Arosip Eco Trail
If you’re up for a different sort of high, hike the Arosip Eco Trail in Barangay Bacnotan which rests 440 meters above sea level. Three waterfalls will greet you along the trail, Zim-sim-ug, Padtok, and Tedag, before you're awarded with a breathtaking view of the lowlands.


5. Hug the La Union Centennial Tree
Also located in Baranggay Bacnotan, the La Union Centennial Tree is a gigantic acasia resting in the middle of a school field. It is known to be a silent witness of the history of the area—the many stories of the Japanese occupation. It now acts as a popular landmark where people usually rest during fiestas and other special occasions.

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