The regular drizzle we've been getting may hint that summer is nearing its end, but the sun is still as harsh as ever. Whether it’s climate change or just the sun making the most out of its UV rays, the fact remains--we wish we could be somewhere else, somewhere cold preferably. And as wishful thinking goes, here are three fictional places we wish we could visit this May:

1. The Wall (Game of Thrones)

Yes, it’s quite desolated, and yes, White Walkers occasionally roam the land beyond it, but if we stay inside The Wall, we should be perfectly fine. Besides, doesn’t the idea of spending a long winter with John Snow a.k.a. Kit Harrington sound absolutely divine?

2. Superman’s Fortress of Solitude (Superman)

It definitely won’t be easy getting access to Clark Kent’s super secret lair, but we think it’s worth a shot. Sources say it’s located in the Arctic, but there are also whispers in the dark that say it’s in either the Antarctic or the Andes. Either way, with its crystal architecture and given that it’s most likely in a remote cold area of the planet, we say better bring a really thick coat!

3. Ice King’s Castle (Adventure Time)

On the contrary, one place that will be easy to get into is Ice King’s Castle. The Ice King is pretty lax with his security considering the number of times Finn and Jake manage to slip inside his home. Guarded mostly by cute penguins, a trip to this place will most definitely make for a wonderful vacation!

(1. Screencap from Game of Thrones courtesy of HBO 2. Screencap from Superman Returns courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures 3. Screencap from Adventure Time courtesy of Cartoon Network)

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