Money undoubtedly plays a primary role, not only in the field of commerce, but also in our daily lives. In a fast-paced world characterized by technological developments, globalization, and socio-economic change, the course of each day is shaped by the need to have enough money to lead comfortable lives and to attain our basic necessities. The amount of cash we have in our pockets or savings accounts influence the activities we choose to regularly engage in, the food that we eat, the clothes that we wear, and—perhaps to a great extent—the way we perceive ourselves and reality.

The significance of money is likewise emphasized by media, including the film industry. Throughout the decades, countless films have used the premium placed on money as a crucial element in storylines, or as one of the main concepts that influence the choices and personal development of the main characters. While some films are unapologetic in portraying the notion that wealth is power, some opt for a more optimistic message by conveying that money is not indispensable to finding true happiness.

The films that we probably love and appreciate the most are those that revolve around individuals who rose above their station in life and attained their goals through a combination of hard work, willpower, and self-confidence. These rags-to-riches success stories teach us that financial stability is something that most of us have to really strive for, and that all you need are constant perseverance, a positive attitude towards life’s challenges, and the support of a few good people who are willing to help.

FN offers you a list of well-loved movies that teach a thing or two about perceiving wealth and achieving financial success in the gallery below.

(Photo from The Pursuit of Happyness courtesy of Columbia Pictures)

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