1. A traffic and navigation app

Waze is your best bet, especially if you want to know the quickest way to your destination. It shows you how the traffic is on different roads, suggests a route you should take, and guides you through and through so you won't get lost.

2. A map.
Chances are your GPS won't work as effectively as you want it to or at all, or you're going to need a WiFi connection to check your whereabouts when there's no hotspot whatsoever. It's good to have the Metro Manila Route Map or even just a print out of Google Maps with the directions you should take. It'll help you a lot. Also, it's not very hard to read one, contrary to what you see in the movies.


3. Snacks
Because you need to keep yourself alert, snacking up will keep you energized and prevent you from getting dizzy due to hunger.

4. Water
Never ever forget to bring water with you because you wouldn't want to get dehydrated and experience headaches, dry eyes, and troubles focusing. Keep in mind not to drink water from just anywhere because you don't know for sure where they get it and how clean it really is. And if the water isn't clean enough, you'll get seriously sick.

5. Camera
Not that the road trip will not be complete without a camera (unless you're the type to go on a road trip and take pictures just to show off to your Facebook friends how cool you are). But the photos (and videos!) will definitely take you back to those moments in your trip.

Don't forget to bring a spare SD card just in case the one in your camera screws up or becomes full.


6. Speakers
If your car's sound system could be way, way better and you have quality speakers, use those instead!

7. A road trip playlist
What's a road trip without music?!
Seriously. (Here's a playlist just for you!)

8. Earphones
Keep your hands on the wheel when you're on the phone with someone.

9. Tissues
Those public restrooms at the stops might not have any, and risking getting an infection because you failed to wipe is just a bitch. So bring toilet paper. Don't even hope that the toilet in the gas station is clean. Which brings us to...

10. Hand sanitizer
You'll need this when you use your fingers for snacking up, and when you get back to your car after you closed the bacteria-infected bathroom door of a public washroom. Always make sure you're clean.

11. Meds
For motion sickness, indigestion, headaches, muscle pains. It's always good to be prepared. You won't lose anything by being safe, really.

12. First aid kit
God forbid you'd have to use this on the road (and during your vacation), but this is a wise thing to have whenever you go out of town. Don't know how to use any of the bandages and tapes? Don't worry; most first aid kits come with an instruction manual (make sure you check for that before buying a kit).


13. Sunglasses
Shield your eyes from the sun's blinding reflection on the vehicles in front of you and on the road. Plus, you'll look fab!

14. Sunscreen
When were you told not to apply sunscreen when it's daytime?

15. Power bank
You yourself know you can't last five minutes with a dead phone, what more when you're out and about and you could get lost and you need to reach someone for help?!

16. Have your oil and tires inspected in a gas station.
This one is easily overlooked by a number of road trippers. But this is the first thing you should do the moment you step out of your house. You need to make sure your car's in top shape, and have whatever that needs fixing or airing fixed or aired. It's a hassle if your car breaks down on the road and you have no idea what to do and whom to call. So best to avoid that scenario.


Plus points for you if you check beforehand how to change tires. (Or if you already know how to do it.)

17. A travel buddy
Who goes on a road trip alone? People backpack or hike solo, but going on a road trip? It's just unthinkable. Your travel buddy makes the road trip fun!

This story originally appeared on Cosmo.ph.

Minor edits have been made by the Femalenetwork.com editors.

PHOTO: Pixabay

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