You now have an answer to anybody who’s ever told you that you wasted too much time on on romantic comedies because apparently, they make you a better person.

A new study found that repeated exposure to rom-coms can make someone be more sensitive and open-minded. Eighty-seven college students were made to watch rom-com and action movies for five weeks, and their moral intuitions were recorded: “The participants’ viewing habits were broken down into four sections, with a quarter watching exclusively romantic comedies, another quarter watching exclusively action films, and the rest watching either a 60/40 or 80/20 ratio of rom-com to action.” Researchers studied their ideas of loyalty, fairness, respect for authority, purity, and harm.

And the students who exclusively watched rom-coms made them more sensitive to four of the five moral intuitions; purity was the exception, which makes sense ‘cause rom-coms like No Strings Attached or Friends With Benefits are all about sex.

So go ahead—lose yourself in another Julia Roberts marathon.

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