With approximately 7,107 islands, the Philippines is a country of immense tropical beauty, which is probably why this year’s Miss Universe candidates can’t get enough of the mountains and beaches! Here are what several of them consider the best local places they visited, along with some of their interesting observations:

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Miss Argentina Estefania Bernal

“I love Boracay! The island… the food is amazing! I (went) to Cebu – beautiful place, beautiful people… (Finally), Davao… the city is so green!”

Miss Aruba Charlene Leslie

“Definitely Baguio. That’s on top for me. Cebu is very great as well. And I also went to Fort Santiago. That was also very beautiful.”


Miss Canada Sierra Bearchell

“Cebu, Baguio, and then here in Manila!”


Miss Chile Catalina Paz Cáceres

“I went to Boracay. That’s my top favorite in the world. I love it! An island paradise. My God, it was amazing. Then I was in Cebu… We had the warm[est] welcome there. And the mangoes, of course! And then here, in Manila!”


Miss Costa Rica Carolina Duran

“I really like Boracay. I like Cebu. I like BatangasPico [de] Loro! And of course the [entire] Philippines! After the pageant if I don’t get to be Miss Universe, I’m staying for a week and travel more of the countryside. I do want to get to know more [of] the Philippines—eat some food, know more about the culture. And I have some friends here, so they’re going to give me a tour…”


Miss Finland Shirly Karvinen

“I can’t actually bring out like the best places, because I love the Philippines all together. Everyone all around the Philippines has been so nice and so kind, and just everyone is full of love and I’ve never ever received that kind of treatment anywhere, and it’s overwhelming how amazing everything has been so I can’t pick three beautiful places because I love the whole Philippines.”


I am amazed ???????? PHILIPPINES I LOVE U ?? #nowords #65thmissuniverse #thankyougovchavit #missfinland #missuniverse

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Miss Honduras Sirey Moran

“I’ve been in Boracay and I love it. Davao and also Manila… I love every place, but more than the places, what I love is the people everywhere I go, there is so much love and that will be in my heart forever, so thank you so much. Salamat!”


Miss New Zealand Tanya Dawson

“My favorite is Baguio City, the reason being is the weather is similar to New Zealand, so it’s quite nice and fresh, and of course I love nature – New Zealand is a very natural country – so all the pine trees and in Baguio is definitely great. The second is Pangasinan. That’s where my grandfather lives. It’s great to have family there. And Cebu – the mangoes! Oh, the mangoes are the best in the Philippines!”

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