If you’re thinking of getting a furry companion, you might want to consider a cat. They’re one of the world’s most-loved pets, and with good reason—they’re sweet, cuddly, lovable, immensely cute, and often a lot more behaved (and cleaner) than dogs.

Now, if you’re set on getting a kitty and you still want to make a bigger difference in the animal kingdom, you might also want to consider adopting your new pet from an animal shelter. The animals there are usually abandoned or are survivors of abuse, and by adopting, you are giving your new four-legged friend another chance at life. Yes, a lot of the animals there look like your ordinary stray cats or dogs, but if you’re a true animal lover, you’ll know that it’s what’s inside the animal that counts—and the creatures there have plenty of love to give.

Here are some cuddly cats up for adoption at CARA Welfare Philippines. Some of their stories are truly heartbreaking, and they will definitely be more than happy to have you in their lives. If you want to share your home with them, just visit CARAPhil.org for more information on the adoption process.

(Photos by Mike Dee. Special thanks to Vimla Mansukhani of CARA Welfare Philippines.)

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