Taking care of a pet (or two!) has been known to reduce stress. After all, the companionship your furry friends provide can chase all your blues away. However, not all of us can afford the luxury of taking care of a fur baby. Don’t lose hope, though--according to research, merely watching cute animals doing their thing may be beneficial to us. We’re fully on board with this interesting discovery, so we took the liberty of compiling five irresistibly adorable animal videos for your stress-relieving perusal. Watch them below!

1. If you don't know what a quokka is, here's your chance to be enlightened. Quokkas are fluffy little marsupials that can only be found off the coast of Western Australia. They're harmless and inquisitive creatures, and they're especially friendly toward camera-toting humans. Watch one little cute quokka sniff around here:

2. There’s nothing like a relaxing massage to cap off a busy day. This cat, however, doesn’t need a professional masseuse to get him in the zone--a vacuum cleaner does the trick just fine, as seen in the video below. Now, if only there are vacuum cleaners that could accommodate humans...

3. Much has been said about the cuteness of otters big and small, given the sheer volume of adorable photos and videos that have been making the rounds online. However, the sounds they make are in a league of their own—would you have guessed that they would sound like your childhood squeaky toys? Check out this video for proof.

4. Ducklings aren't really our number one choice when it comes to pets. As fluffy as they are, they don’t really fit into the “cuddly creature” stereotype. This video, however, seeks to debunk this notion by featuring a squee-worthy little creature that can warm even the coldest of hearts. Check it out below.

5. You’ve been working hard all day, and you definitely deserve a good night’s sleep, just like these three cute kittens that probably got tired from looking adorable all day. Go ahead, prop your feet up, and snuggle in your comfy bed with your fur baby.

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