Decorating your home can be hard, especially if you’re faced with an empty space. There can be a lot of false starts—should you do the curtains first or go YOLO on furniture? But if you have one theme in mind, you can easily narrow things down.

You can start with one accent or anchor piece on which your entire set-up will be based on.
You’ll also have to decide which items to spend on and which ones to let pass. A hardwood bookcase may be beautiful, but may not necessarily go well with the rest of your look or even be functional. To help you create a beautiful living space without hurting your finances, here are what you should spend and save on.

1. SPEND: furniture that you will often use
Start out with the basics: sofas, dining tables, and the like. Invest on quality pieces of furniture that look good and won’t easily break as you’ll be spending a lot of time using them. It’ll come out more expensive if you get cheap items which you’ll need to replace in less than a year.

2. SAVE: trendy accents
Remember that weird-looking ceramic dog in one episode of Friends that Joey bought? Those are what you can do without. Instead of getting trendy accents that will no longer be fashionable in a few months, invest on classic pieces that will always look current.

3. SPEND: good mattresses
You’ll spend seven to eight hours a day lying in your bed, so don’t compromise your comfort or your health. A bad mattress can give you bad posture and a lot of back problems, so it’s best to invest in something with good lumbar support that will give you a good night’s sleep.

4. SAVE: overly expensive bed covers
Bed covers can be expensive due to thread count. However, having higher thread count doesn’t mean that the sheets you’re buying are of better quality than most; it only means that more threads have been woven together to create it. A higher thread count can result in sheets aging better, but it also depends on what fiber was used for weaving. Plus, a higher thread count using cheap, short fibers can mean that the sheet may be too warm for our climate, and may become less comfortable as the years go by.

The rule is to buy between a thread count of 200 and 800. According to Huffington Post, you may also want to consider other factors such as where the sheets were woven and what kind of weave was used, since these can affect how comfortable they will be.

5. SPEND: Energy-saving lighting fixtures
Replace those high wattage bulbs with green lighting LED fixtures. These will save you a lot of money by being efficient with consuming electricity.

6. SAVE: Abubot and other small thingamabobs
There are those cute little things that we buy on impulse. Although some may actually make for good conversation pieces, keep yourself from hoarding way too much kut-kut or abubot as these can accumulate and build up clutter in your home.

PHOTO: Pixabay

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