The year of the Earth Pig officially starts on February 5! Those born in 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, and 2019 fall under The Pig, which is the last animal on the 12-year Chinese zodiac cycle.

During the launch of his latest book The Year of the Pig, Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua shared some tips and tricks on how one can attract luck and prosperity. He also discussed the lucky and unlucky sectors of a house or an office, and how it affects our lives.


Lucky Sectors

The Northwest Sector of your house or office is where you may attract good projects or deals.

He explained, "'Pag may deals kayo or projects kayo, kailangan po sa northwest sector niyo papirmahin. Ang northwest sector kasi, it signifies multiplication of money."

The West Sector is where you should spend most of your time to attract good business or career. 

The North sector is for relationships and education. Master Hanz advised having your bed's headboards directed towards the north.

"Sa mga single po, if you want to enhance love life, kailangan ang headboard nasa north direction. This 2019, the north sector is where love is located."

He also urged everyone to keep the northern part of their house spotlessly clean and uncluttered.

"Ang magulong north sa bahay, kung married na kayo, ay possible magkaroon ng problems sa love life or problems or issues sa married couple."

The East sector is the entry for unexpected wealth gain, Hanz said, suggesting that it would be lucky to place your just-bought lotto ticket in this part of the house or office.


"Yung lotto ticket po natin, after natin tumaya, ilagay po natin sa East sector ng bahay natin. This will enhance unexpected wealth gain. Ibig sabihin po, magkakaroon po ang bahay natin or ang opisina natin ng unexpected wealth gain."

The Center of your house or office enhances the flow of wealth or money. "Make sure po na maliwanag ang gitna ng bahay. Sa gitna ng bahay natin, pag maliwanag po, this will enhance No. 3, money star sa bahay o opisina."

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Unlucky Sectors


There are four unlucky spaces in the Year of The Earth Pig.

The Southwest sector is where the five yellow misfortune stars, according to Master Hanz, will bring "severe problems, sa loss of career, money, illness, and death." The countermeasure is to put a five-element pagoda to weaken the influence of the five yellow misfortune stars.

"So 'wag maingay sa southweast sector, wag gamitin ang southwest sector. In case kailangang gamitin, maglagay ng five-element pagoda sa southwest sector."

He also advised not to use the Southeast sector of your house or office as it would invite "theft, robbery, cheating, and betrayal."

To counter this effect, put a Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant figurine in this area, as these are well known feng shui symbols of protection.

The South sector is said to invite court cases, litigation, anger, and misunderstanding, while the Northeast Sector is where the illness star falls, so avoid this area if possible.


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