Leaving the family home for something that's completely your own is exciting, but don't let your heightened emotions make you forget the work that needs to be done. Moving out is no easy feat. But, if you're organized, you can make the transition a whole lot smoother. Check out some of our tips below:

1. Schedule your moving day.

Decide on a specific date when you want to make the big move. Mark it on the calendar, start a countdown, and schedule the things you have to do before you move out.

2. Secure a moving company to help you on the selected date.

Don't think you can do everything on your own. If you're taking a lot of items or large, bulky furniture with you, get professional help.

3. Start putting your things in boxes a month before your due date.

Don't wait until the last minute to pack up. Chances are, you'll forget something important. Make sure to label all your boxes properly as well. You don't want to have to rummage through every box just to look for your toothbrush or something to sleep in for the night.

4. Get rid of anything that constitutes as clutter.

Minimize your baggage by getting rid of unnecessary items. Think of it as a moving-out ritual. You're leaving the family nest to start a life of your own, so why would you try to bring everything with you?

5. List down all the things you'll be taking with you.

Apart from labeling your boxes, keep a checklist of all the things that you're bringing with you. This way, you can keep track of every item you own.

6. Formulate your rent payment system.

The process of settling into a new home may be fun, but it may also become stressful. Don't let your finances add to all your moving-out worries, so make sure to have a plan for paying your rent on time.

7. Draw up a temporary room design on paper.

You can ask the movers to leave your furniture right by the front door, but then you'd have to move the heavy sofa or the bulky bookshelf on your own. Come up with a design in advance, so you can direct the movers to leave your furniture right where you want it.

8. Learn as many household chores as you can.

You can't survive on takeout alone, and trust us, you don't want to spend the first few months of your new life trying to mend ruined shirts or having one-sided arguments with your washing machine. Learn what you can while you're still at home. Even the simplest skills (like sewing on buttons) may come in handy.

9. Throw a moving out party.

Moving out of the family home is a big transition, and it calls for a big party as well. Celebrate your impending independence with your loved ones (and if your friends decide to give you moving-out gifts, who are you to refuse?).

10. Give your family special gifts before you leave.

Your family will miss you when you leave. Make them feel that they're still important to you by inviting them to your new home as often as you can!

(Illustration by Sabrina Lajara)

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