These days, burglars and home invaders are getting more and more brazen. Some even do their evil
deeds in broad daylight, unafraid of the consequences of their actions. To avoid becoming a victim, we have listed eight simple ways that can ward off potential burglars from your property. Aside from these, you can also speak with your local barangay officials about other means to keep your neighborhood safe.

1. Keep your walls high and unclimbable.
Aside from installing spikes and glass shards which are a staples in walls of Filipino houses, make sure that you don’t have overhanging tree branches or any other foliage that can easily be climbed from outside.

2. Always keep your gates locked.

There are some people who leave their gates open due to various reasons. Our tip: Don't! Doing so invites strangers to have a peep at what’s inside.

3. Leave a light on.

During the evenings or when you won’t be in until late at night, keep the front porch and/or backyard light on. This will deter burglars from coming in as they will be easier seen.

4. Install CCTV cameras.

If you have extra cash, install CCTV cameras in strategic areas. It’s also best to have some of them at eye level, as those with evil intentions usually wear caps which can make it hard to identify them.

5. Know your neighbors.
Aside from gaining friendships, knowing your neighbors can help you become familiar with the people who live in your neighborhood. This makes it easier for you to spot a dayo, or a person from outside the community.

6. Don’t post your whereabouts on social media.

There have already been reports here and abroad about houses getting invaded and robbed while their owners are out of town. Some of these incidents may be due to the fact that the owners posted their schedules and whereabouts online for the public to see. It’s best to keep mum about when you’ll be leaving the house empty so that no one will be tempted to check in while you’re gone.

7. Have someone to house-sit during long absences.
If you’ll be out of town for a long period, make sure to talk to a relative or a trusted neighbor about house-sitting. Not only will this ensure that there will be someone to look after your property, but it will also give you peace of mind.

8. Notify authorities for any suspicious people lurking around your house.

Before an akyat-bahay goes into action, they usually send a tik-tik or a snoop who takes a look at the target property and observes its residents’ movements and schedules. If you see an unfamiliar face moving suspiciously around your area, notify your neighbors as well as your local authorities as soon as you can for pre-emptive action.

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