There’s nothing better than coming home to a space that is quiet, serene, and refreshing after a hectic day. If you want to achieve that vibe, applying the principles of feng shui to your home can be of great help, especially since many of them are simple and straight-forward. Here are ways to start in your bedroom and achieve the peaceful space (and sleep) you deserve:


1. Clear out the clutter

This one is a no-brainer. Always seeing the unnecessary junk in your room will only cause you to feel stressed, and that’s the opposite of what you should be when you’re at home. Take away whatever you may have stashed under your bed, as anything beneath what you lie on is said to keep energy from flowing easily.

2. Invest in a quality bed and sheets

You won’t be able to get a good night’s sleep if you’re lying down on a bad mattress or if you’re tangled in sheets that are uncomfortable. High-quality mattresses and sheets will always be a great investment—plus, you’re guaranteed a restful slumber every night!

3. Make sure you have enough space

Additionally, when looking for a mattress, take size into consideration. Feng shui experts recommend getting a full- or queen-sized bed, as its size will allow for comfort and proper circulation of chi or energy. It will also ensure that you have enough space on both sides, which creates a sense of balance and stability.

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4. Don’t forget the headboard

Another important thing to consider in relation to what bed you’ll use is the headboard. For feng shui experts, having a headboard will help make you feel safe and protected as you sleep. As much as possible, it should be made of wood, but DIY ones can do as well.

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5. Keep lighting under control

Proper lighting can do wonders for a home, as it can affect a person’s mood or energy. The same principle applies inside the bedroom. Try installing a dimmer switch so that you can control how bright or dark your space is at any given time. Otherwise, check out different kinds of bulbs and pick out that one works best for you.

6. Know what should be kept outside

The bedroom is supposed to be a peaceful sanctuary, and to preserve its positive energy, there are several things that should be left outside, such as electronic devices (including your smart phone and laptop--maybe you should get a good old alarm clock instead?) and large, bulky exercise equipment. These objects will only bring stress into your room and keep you from being able to fully unwind.


7. Fix—or get rid of—whatever is old or broken

You may have things that remind you of not-so-good events that you can’t seem to get rid of. Let go of them if you want to come home to a space that uplifts you. Even items that aren't anymore repairable should be thrown out.

8. Let the air flow

Having clean and fresh air circulating inside the bedroom can create a positive atmosphere. Leave your windows open for a few hours during the day. If this is not an option for you, use an air purifier instead. You may also want to invest in a fragrance you find pleasing. Go for essential oils that will help you relax, like lavender or orange.

9. Fill your space with soothing colors

Instead of using bright colors like red and orange, paint your bedroom walls in hues that will soothe you the minute you look at them. Some choices you can go for are blue and green.


10. Position mirrors wisely

Mirrors are great for making spaces look bigger and more airy, but if you’re going to put a few in your bedroom, plan accordingly. Feng shui experts say that it would be wise not to place a mirror directly across your bed, since it can bounce energy around the room and make it difficult for you to sleep.

Source: House Beautiful

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