1. Hot Dog = Fever
Don’t go into a panic if your dog’s body seems warm to the touch. Canine’s bods really do feel warmer than human ones, and normal is usually at 101 to 105F. Check with a thermometer to be sure, and be on the lookout for other signs of fever such as an extremely dry nose and lethargy.

2. Human toothpaste is okay for dogs.
There’s a reason that dogs have their own special toothpaste; it’s not just a money-making scheme. Human toothpaste may contain xylitol, which can cause a drop in blood pressure, which can be fatal for dogs. Shelling out a little extra is not worth your furpal’s life.

3. Flea collars
This flea fighter of choice may not be the best tool to ward off those pesky bloodsuckers. Yes, it’ll keep the creepers away from the near vicinity of the collar, but they'll most probably just migrate to the tail-end of your four-legged pal. Try something with more coverage, like Frontline.

4. Leaving your dog in the car with the windows open is okay.
The temperature in cars rises really quickly, so even if you crack the window a bit, don’t leave Fido in your ride. Nope, not even if you’re just going into the convenience store for a minute because it can be fatal to your pup. A five-minute dash into a store is never just five minutes anyway. Thinking of leaving the A/C on? What if your car stops running and the A/C goes bust?

5. Getting your hyper dog neutered will tame him.
Many have noticed a change in their dogs’ temperament, but veterinarians say that this isn’t a guarantee. Neutering alters hormones in dogs that can help with behavior, but is not a surefire fix.

6. A wagging tail means he’s happy.

Not all the time. Sometimes, a shaking rump can mean aggression or fear. Don’t be too quick to approach a canine that’s waving his tail in the air.

7. All dogs want to be petted.
Sometimes, pups just want some alone time, like us humans. You can tell if a dog is up for some TLC by his body language. If he’s distracted, looks around, or shies away while you’re rubbing his underbelly, he may not be feeling it. But if he’s looking up at you and leaning into your hand, or rolls over to offer his belly, by all means, stroke away!

8. A dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human's and can heal wounds.
People think this as true because dogs are often seen licking their wounds and yet, don’t grow an infection. But My Vet Animal Hospital says that this is probably because licking helps remove dead skin, which promotes healing. However, here's the thing: Dogs naturally and instinctively put things in their mouth, so their snouts are actually dirtier. Remember that time you caught your furbaby licking his privates? Or his butt after he just pooped? Or his paws after he trekked through the lawn? Yup. Not clean stuff.

9. Your dog’s age, times seven
It isn't true that to get your dog's real age, you multiply by seven. It varies per breed and size. Leave the calculating to the professionals. Find out how old Fido is here.

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