1. Keep cardboard and paper clutter at a minimum.
Cockroaches love paper, and they tend to breed in dark areas where there is lots of it. You may want to consider disposing those paper bags you got during your past trips to the mall. If you are storing stacks of books, old hand-outs, and magazines that are still important to you, make sure to keep them in shelves that are regularly dusted or in plastic bins that can’t be chewed through.

2. Give your kitchen and stovetops a good wipe after each use.

Mix one part vinegar and one part water and use it to wipe your surfaces. This will eliminate any odors or food bits that may lure uninvited guests. Adding baking soda into the mixture can also help remove food stains.

3. Always use covered trash bins.

This will deter rats, roaches, flies, and other pests from being attracted to your trash.

4. Keep your kitchen drain clean.

Gunk that has fallen into your pipes are the main reason why you sometimes find roaches crawling out of your drain. At the end of each day, pour in a mixture of vinegar and baking soda down the drain. After five minutes, pour in hot water to clear out deep-seated grime, oil, and bits of grub.

5. Invest in food storage.

Keep dry goods such as coffee, sugar, candies, and biscuits in jars or plastic containers. Pet food should also be kept in covered bins to keep rats away.

6. Certain natural oils mixed with water can make for good insect repellants.

Citronella, lemon eucalyptus, lemon grass, and lavender can keep away mosquitoes. Ants dislike tea tree, while spiders are repelled by peppermint. Mix any of these oils in water and store in a spritzer. Not only do they smell good, but misting your home regularly can keep insects away.

7. Use coffee grounds to keep ants away.

Some coffee shops give away coffee grounds as garden fertilizers, but these can also make for great ant repellants as ants dislike the strong smell of coffee. Drizzle the grounds in corners and areas where they usually roam.

8. Dispose of rotting fruits.

You probably like keeping a tray of fruits on your table. Just be sure to throw away pieces of fruit that are starting to rot, if you don’t want pesky flies around.

9. Regularly clean your home.
This goes without saying. Sweep, mop, and dust regularly to avoid accumulating dirt that can invite pests in.

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