Admit it, no matter how much you think you’ve mastered cleaning, cooking, or organizing at home, there are still a few nagging tasks that seem to really bug you on a regular basis.

That's why we couldn't get enough of lifehacks. For the uninitiated, lifehacks are simple low-budget tips and tricks that answer life’s minor (but majorly annoying) problems. And because we want to make your life a little bit easier, we’ve compiled five of the most useful lifehacks for the kitchen. Try them for yourself and thank us later.

1. Cleaning: Clean the area under the refrigerator with an old pantyhose.

Don't throw your old or damaged pantyhose just yet! Instead, use them to clean that annoying little area under the refrigerator. Yep, that one floor area that hasn't seen the light of day.

To clean this dust-bunny-filled area, wrap your old pantyhose around the end of a dust pan (or any stick that could fit under the fridge) and run it through to collect dirt, dust, and even strands of hair! That way, you don’t need to move the behemoth 2-door appliance each time you want that spot cleaned.

2. Baking: Use clean, unscented, dental floss to cut soft solids like cheeses and cakes perfectly.

How many times have you ruined a perfectly baked icing cake by running a knife through it? Delicate and sticky baked goods can best be sliced using unflavored, unscented, and unused (of course!) dental floss. Hold a good length of floss between your fingers above the cake, and move it down with a subtle sawing motion. Pull both ends out of the cake, and say hello to a perfect cake slice! You can also use this for slicing cheese, and removing cookies off a baking tray!

3. Cooking: Use a pants hanger as a recipe book holder while cooking.

Why waste money on a book holder when you can use the clips of a pants hanger to hold the pages down? Make sure to hang the book at eye level to avoid neck strain.

4. Organizing: Use transparent hanging shoe holders to store snacks.

Instead of using bulky glass jars to store snacks, you can buy those transparent shoe holders that you could hang on your pantry door. That way, you don’t have to spend so much time wrestling around a jar of chocolates trying to open the lid.

5. Storing and Freezing: Freeze leftover pasta sauce in ice trays.

Because we can’t possibly eat the same pasta dish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for three straight days, leftover pasta sauce usually end up getting thrown out. Save a whole lot of money, time, and energy by freezing pasta sauce in ice trays. You can just thaw and heat a few cubes for your pasta dish for lunch, and keep the rest for whenever you feel like having pesto or tomato pasta again. It’s best for portion control, too!

(Photo from Chic Curator via Katrina Sams on Pinterest)

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