Holidays are fast approaching, and what better way to kick off the festivities than to go on a relaxing getaway with your significant other? Case in point: Power couple Kryz Uy and Slater Young recently jet-setted to Paris and gave us major couple vacay goals! The lovebirds, who talked about their trip at length in their recent podcast episode, shared that while the getaway was actually Slater’s first time in the City of Love, it was already the nth time for Kryz, who holds special memories of the city in her heart.


ICYDK, the vlogger went on a student exchange program there when she was 18. “When I was 18, I was a sheltered little girl. I was not even allowed to go outside the gate of my school because my parents were so intense and they put me in a bubble! So nagulat ako na pinayagan ako ng dad ko to study in Paris by myself, alone and far away from anyone,” she shared.

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She continued, “I only had a very measly allowance, which I don't blame my dad because everything in Paris was so expensive. I think nobody ever expected it. Because it was so expensive to buy a sandwich outside my school, it was like one thousand pesos [in today’s currency]. Hindi ko afford yun kasi syempre kailangan ko kumain ng breakfast, lunch, dinner.” 

One sandwich will cost her 10 euros at that time, which would equate to 700 pesos! “I was budgeting my money and nahiya ako sa dad ko to ask for more, because syempre he paid na for my apartment, my tuition, lahat lahat. So I would just go to the vending machine and buy one euro-worth of Twix. Twix bar lang ako every lunch. That's my baon. For breakfast, I would go out of my apartment and there's a bakery outside, kasi in Paris, there are bakeries everywhere.

“I would buy a baguette. Yung french bread na matigas and it’s long. So I would just munch on that the whole day until lunch, then 'pag naubos na siya around lunch time, I’ll buy a Twix bar. So two euros na yun. And then for dinner, I’ll just eat cup noodles, which I brought all the way from Cebu. I ate like that for three months.”


Before anyone pins it down to her parents, she clears that there’s no one to blame for her lifestyle but herself, since she didn’t really ask help from her folks out of shyness. “I think my parents will cry if they hear this, kasi di rin nila alam. Syempre they don’t want me to eat like that pero nahiya din ako.” 

She joked, “If I ask for more budget, ang gusto ko hindi food, ang gusto ko shopping!”

Well, judging by their recent trip—she certainly had the best of both worlds this time. Great story though, Kryz!

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