Working fathers and mothers have to balance both work and family responsibilities. It isn’t an easy task for both parties, but Science Daily reports that women feel more pressured about it.

A total of 402 mothers and 291 fathers with full-time jobs were surveyed and asked to write a time diary about their day-to-day experiences and how they felt about them for one week. Results showed that while working fathers tend to engage in mental labor for one-fifth of their waking time or 24 hours a week, working mothers did so for one-fourth of theirs, which is a total of 29 hours a week. And although men and women spent 30 percent of their time in mental labor thinking about their families, only the women were negatively affected.

According to study author Shira Offer, assistant professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Bar-llan University, women feel the demand of their roles at home and in the office more than men due to mental labor brought about social expectations.

"Much of the work we do, both paid and unpaid, takes place in our mind. We are often preoccupied with the things we have to do, we often worry about them, and feel stressed not to forget to do them or to do them on time. These thoughts and concerns--mental labor--can impair our performance, make it difficult to focus on tasks, and even hurt our sleep." Offer says.

Of course, there are always exceptions, but in most circumstances, it’s still the mothers who run the household. If you’re both a homemaker and working woman, try delegating household chores to your husband and, if they’re at the right age, your children. Take the time to relax and wind down. After all, stress won’t do you or your family any good.

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