Can you honestly say that you’re happy now? If you say you are, then good for you! If you’re not exactly brimming with joy, however, don't worry about it too much. Several studies have found that as you grow older, you become happier. If you’re down on your luck today, then life is just going to get better.

Of course, the prospect of finding happiness is not as simple as it seems. While older people do seem to have better days, researchers haven’t been able to find a specific scientific explanation for it. There are some psychologists who say that older people’s cognitive processes make them focus on the more positive things in life. Others say that older people actively seek out situations that will make them happy. Then there are those who say that older people are just better at letting go. Speculations about why many of our elders have found happiness abound but a direct link has yet to show itself.

Psychologist Derek M. Isaacowitz of Northeastern University is hoping that more studies can be done on the subject. "It won't be as easy to say old people are happier. But even if they are happier on average, we still want to know in what situations does this particular strategy make this particular person with these particular qualities or strengths feel good."

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