climate_change_car_exhaust_main.jpgOn April 22nd, the international community celebrates the 40th Earth Day, an annual call to awareness of the environmental issues that face our planet. The movement aims to highlight the concern of climate change, the dramatic increase in global temperature that is causing severe weather anomalies and ultimately threatens the ability of the atmosphere to support life on the planet. While there are still debates over the actual reality and degree of climate change, as well as the measures that need to be taken to mitigate the change, the general consensus is that adopting environmentally sound practices can’t hurt.

One of the challenges the global movement for environmental awareness now faces is reaching out to people and getting them to take action on an individual level. We might agree that something should be done about climate change, but we may also feel that it is up to our government or corporate leaders to make a move or set necessary policies. Though we may try to introduce green practices into our own lifestyles, we may also feel that our efforts are all for naught, especially in the larger scheme of things—we may be reducing our own electricity consumption, for instance, but when our small contribution is held up against the literally power-hungry activities of the rest of the population, we may feel a sense of futility that can easily dampen our best intentions.

We’d like to get a sense of how you, our readers, are still working in your own small ways to fight climate change and further this global effort. Throughout the month, we’ll be posting polls to find out how many of you are already implementing green practices in your lives, and to what degree—and if not, we’d like to know the reasons why.

To start with, we’d like to ask: Are you willing to give up your car to relieve climate change? Cars are one of the more obvious consumers of non-renewable fossil fuels, which generate carbon dioxide, one of the greenhouse gases that contributes to global warming. The more vehicles on our gridlocked roads, the more fuel consumed—to say nothing of the pollution we generate and the time we waste sitting in traffic. But going without a private vehicle may be an impractical solution for many, especially for those who live and work in areas that are not as accessible to safe public transport, or who may have health or safety concerns. Are you one of these? Share your sentiments by voting in the poll below, and leave a comment explaining your situation.



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