what_makes_a_woman_sexy.jpgBeing sexy is all in the attitude, FNites, and we're sure that no matter what kind of physique you have, you've got your own brand of sex appeal. As actress Salma Hayek says, confidence is the key to looking and feeling sexy, but we all know it doesn't hurt if you work on coaxing out your sensual side too.

This week, Female Network wants to know what makes you feel sexy. Do you feel your sex appeal quotient go up when you wear sky-high heels that show off your legs? Or perhaps you have a particular set of lace underwear you love donning under your business suit that makes you put on a secret smile throughout the day.

Maybe you feel you're at your sexiest when you meet your man's gaze from across the room or when he touches the small of your back when you're out and about town. You might find yourself feeling more confident when your man offers you sweet words about what he loves about your body or when you're doing something to keep yourself fit like pole dancing. No matter what your quick secrets to feeling sexy are, we'd love it if you shared them with us.

Female Network wants to know:

What makes you feel sexy?

Leave us a comment to let us know.

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