At home or in school, does your child:

  • get sick often?
  • tire easily?
  • lack concentration in class?
  • have poor appetite?
  • have wounds or bruises that don't heal quickly?
  • look like he's not growing at the rate that's expected for his age?

If you answered “yes” to most or even all of the above, then your child might be experiencing micronutrient deficiency (MND). He/She could be lacking the micronutrients he needs to grow better, faster, and stronger.

Here are five things you need to know when your child is deficient in Iron, Zinc, and Vitamin C:

1. It happens to all of us


Thirty percent of the world’s population, including millions of Filipinos, experience micronutrient deficiency. If your child lacks the common nutrients—Iron, Zinc, Vitamin C—then he/she could be experiencing MND. It is also known as “hidden hunger" because your child looks "all right" on the outside and yet lacks essential nutrients.

Consider your child's diet: is he/she eating less of fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish that are high in nutrients? Chances are he/she is experiencing MND.

2. Its symptoms depend on what you lack

If there is less Iron in the body, the child is unable to metabolize energy. This means that he/she could look and get tired easily, has difficulty concentrating in class, and has low appetite. Zinc is also important in strengthening the immune system.

Then there's Vitamin C which aids in the absorption of Iron. The usual symptom of Vitamin C deficiency is weak immunity, which can make your child easily susceptible to diseases, including the common cough.


3. It‘s all about good nutrition

Always make sure your child eats three nturitious meals a day and takes them on time. A balanced meal includes fruits and vegetables, not just meat or fish and rice. It’s important to serve food that is fortified with micronutrients such as Iron, Zinc, and Vitamin C, like seafood, beans, and mushrooms.

4. Make sure to snack smart

Children are active all the time and when they expend this much energy, they get hungry easily. So let them munch on healthy snacks and never let them skip meals. Aside from eight glasses of water, supplement this with healthy beverages such as fortified milk. You’d be surprised how much milk helps in providing the needed nutrients in a child’s body.

5. It is proven that milk is effective in fighting MND


With three balanced meals, milk helps provide your child's nutrient needs. Now with 100% Vitamin C, milk will help strengthen his/her immunity, protecting your child from common sickness. Every glass of BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink has high levels of Iron and Zinc, and has 100% Vitamin C!

Micronutrient deficiency can be prevented as long as you have the necessary information. Never be complacent, especially when it comes to your child’s health.

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