Tossing and turning in bed at night? Worrying about work, money, family, and your love life (or the lack there of) may just be the culprit. Tune out those thoughts with these easy tips. Scroll down and get ready to enjoy a restful slumber.

Make sure to wind down
Before going to bed, make it a point to stay away from electronics including your phone, laptop, tablet, and the television. Just like most people, your device may be the number one reason why you can’t sleep. These gadgets have what is called a “blue light” or wavelengths similar to daylight, which can make your body think it is daytime, at any time. Also, when your phone and tablet are within reach, you’ll be constantly checking them for new text or e-mail messages.

Tune in to tune out
Instead of counting sheep, put on some mellow or jazz tunes. Listening to music that keeps your mind relaxed can improve your sleep quality. Music can also help you better cope with stress, improve mental concentration, and put you in a better mood.

Take a stroll
No need to log several kilometers before hitting the sheets. Just a simple stroll around your neighborhood or even just ’round the block can help you unwind and keep your mind off the stress that piled up throughout the day.

Inhale, exhale
Do some breathing exercises to calm your mind and body before you. When you learn how to inhale and exhale properly, you get a sense of relaxation and stillness that can be the key to a peaceful and well-rested night.

Enjoy a hot shower
Hitting the shower before bedtime is an effective way to de-stress. A study in the US says that the change of body temperature from hot to cold can be a great initiator of sleep. Also, taking a hot bath can reduce cramps and tension headaches. (Optional: Lavender and bubbles)

Take a whiff
Having a hard time staying asleep? Stop waking up before your alarm clock rings just by keeping essential oils by your bedside. Aromatherapy is said to help you achieve deep sleep because it slows down your heart rate and blood pressure, and puts you in a parasympathetic or very relaxed state. Our top scent pick? Lavender—its fresh, sweet, floral aroma is soothing and refreshing. Check out online retailer Lazada for their range of essential oils. Plus, click here to learn more ways to enjoy aromatherapy before you go to bed.

Photo: Betta Living (Flickr via Creative Commons)

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