Happy Monday, FNites! Here’s another round of things to perk you up this Monday morning!

1. The Backstreet Boys are back.

We've all swooned over the Backstreet Boys when we were kids, so we're really ecstatic that our childhood crushes are back with a vengeance! Brian, Nick, A.J., Howie, and even Kevin are releasing their ninth album, "In a World Like This." Don’t believe it? Follow their constant updates on Twitter!


2. How to Train Your Dragon 2 is a done deal.

Jay Baruchel and America Ferrera return to give voice to Hiccup and Astrid of How to Train Your Dragon 2, which is set for release next year. We're sure your tween daughter will totally dig a grown-up version of Hiccup and the gang.


3. Play Minion Rush.

Whether you’ve seen the Despicable movies or not, you have to admit that the minions, those cute yellow fellas, are simply irresistible. They even have their own game! What Candy Crush? Check out Minion Rush now!

4. Follow this morning person cheat sheet.


Most of us aren’t morning people, but Refinery29 proves that it’s possible to at least look like one! Get help from moisturizers, highlighters, and lip gloss!

5. Experiment with butter in your coffee.

Bored with your usual breakfast? Why don't you add butter to your coffee? The Kitchn provides a firsthand account of what it tastes like.

(1. Photo from Backstreet Boys Tumblr via Mz.FreeBee on Pinterest 2. Poster of How to Train Your Dragon 2 courtesy of 20th Century Fox 3. Screencap from Despicable Me 2 courtesy of Universal Pictures 4. Photo from Airows via Pamela Leal on Pinterest 5. Photo from 24.media.tumblr via sz on Pinterest)

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