Want to cheer up during a not-so-great day? ScienceDaily.com reports that listening to upbeat music may help you forget your woes quicker.

Led by Yuna Ferguson, researchers from the University of Missouri conducted two trials to test just how music could influence a person’s mood. In the first trial, the volunteers were separated into two groups. Members of the first batch were instructed to psych themselves up while listening to happy music, while those in the second batch simply listened to the music without conditioning themselves.

Results revealed that only those who made an effort to feel better showed an improvement in mood. The second trial, which had the participants attend lab music sessions for two weeks, produced the same results.

Although positive music does wonders to one's feelings, Ferguson notes that those who try this technique mustn't focus too much on being happy right away. She says, "Rather than focusing on how much happiness they've gained and engaging in that kind of mental calculation, people could focus more on enjoying their experience of the journey and not get hung up on the destination."

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(Photo by Daniele Zedda via Flickr Creative Commons)

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