People with clinical depression are given medications, but when antidepressants don't work, a UK study suggests going back to the basics--talking. reports that as many as two-thirds of people suffering from depression do not respond to antidepressants. Looking for a supplemental solution, Nicola Wiles from the University of Bristol's Centre for Mental Health, Addiction, and Suicide Research and her team observed 470 patients for a year. Half were given cognitive behavioral therapy (a type of talk therapy) with their antidepressant treatment, while the other half continued with their medications without any additional therapies.

Six months after the trial began, 46 percent of those who went through talk therapy had a 50 percent reduction of depression symptoms. On the other hand, only 22 percent of those who had nothing else but antidepressants similarly improved. By the end of 12 months, patient progress in both groups leveled.

As there are still patients that talk therapy and medication do not reach, more research is needed to find ways of dealing with depression.

An important take-away from this study is that it's important to talk with a trusted person about what you're feeling, especially if it's something too heavy for you to bear. Sharing your problems lightens the load, and oftentimes leads to new viewpoints and solutions. However, if sadness and anxiety turn into clinical depression, it's a must to seek professional help.

(Photo by Joe Houghton via Flickr Creative Commons)

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