Yes, your hair will probably turn gray and you probably won’t look the same way you did in your early 20s, but getting older definitely has its perks. Look on the bright side! Maybe it’s time to flip the perception of ageing to a more positive one. Read on for five things to look forward to as you get older.


1. Your brain continues to develop.

Even though you might become a little more forgetful as you get older, some mental abilities actually grow stronger in middle age. Brain plasticity, according to Dr. Pascale Michelon of, refers to the brain’s ability to change through your lifetime. That means your brain continues to reorganize and form new connections, allowing you to keep learning new skills. But that’s not all, studies show that as you age, you store more “cognitive templates” that allow you to solve problems faster, making you more efficient at work than your younger colleagues.

2. Your endurance increases.

Research shows that women can reach their peak fitness at age 35. It is to no surprise then that many of the top female marathoners get their big wins in their thirties. Further studies show that even at an advanced age, non-athletes can achieve high levels of performance through regular training. “Even though older people are not as strong as younger ones, they have greater endurance.” Says Dr. Gabe Mirkin, an expert on fitness, health and nutrition.


3. Your teeth become less sensitive

As you get older, more dentin, the tooth’s inner hard tissue, develops in between the enamel (outermost layer of the tooth) and the nerves (inner most layer of the tooth). The microscopic pores or tubules that run from outside of the tooth to the nerve also decrease in size and harden as you age, all of which contributes to reducing sensitivity.

4. Your hormone levels stabilize

This brings on so many more benefits than just your improved moods. Migraines stop or improve significantly especially after menopause. This is because the levels of oestrogen drops, a very common migraine trigger. Estrogen levels also drop to less sweat especially under the arms, less oil in the scalp, less breakouts on the skin, and less body hair on the arms and legs.

5. You’ll have a happier disposition

As time goes by, you grow more secure in your body, your relationships, your career and your life choices. While your body response never changes, the list of what’s going to send it into overdrive is shorter, says Dr. Pamela Peeke, author of Body For Life For Women. Psychologists believe this is due to changes on how the brain responds to events. Professor Bill von Hippel from the University of Queensland’s School of Pyschology says “Older adults see the good things in life more easily and are less likely to be upset by the little things that go wrong. This may be the wisdom of ageing – the ability to experience everyday life as uplifting.”


Camille Romero is a Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Instructor. For classes and consultations, contact her at

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