It's typical for a well-meaning individual to be referred to as plastik when she chooses to be nice to the people she doesn't get along with. So before you think badly of your recent acquaintance (or before you start opening up to someone you assume cares about you), it’s best to identify what kind of relationship you have. Learn how to spot someone who isn't being sincere:

1. They're overly friendly despite your lack of chemistry.
If you both have nothing in common and you lack interesting topics to talk about, then it’s normal to be a little distant. You don’t need to engage in small talk every time you run into each other. But if she makes too much of an effort to be friendly to the point where you feel like it’s awkward or unwarranted, then maybe there’s a reason she feels the need to squeeze in your space. Never feel obliged to react more than you have to except to be nice and courteous. It’s not your fault if hindi lang talaga kayo magka-vibes!

2. They seem too interested in your life.
A polite person will not engage in conversation too often especially if they don’t have a stake in your personal life—she knows her limits. On the other hand, a plastik person will appear to be a little too nosy and in your face. This is most likely because they need the first-hand info to fuel their joy of talking about you and hating on you. A study has suggested that when we actively hate someone, a part of the brain lights up while some get deactivated. One part in particular is near a brain section that increases obsessive-compulsive behavior when repressed, so that “when we hate, we fail to laugh, and we may get a bit obsessive.” It’s also very possible that they might be stalking you on social media, too.

Because of this, they manipulate situations to make them look good and at your expense, too. They use the information they have on you to make you look bad. This is particularly common for friends and colleagues who see you as competition. If someone’s being insincere to you, there’s no need to fight back. Just keep your cool and stay polite. Always keep in mind that you don’t have to play that game. Do yourself a huge favor and just cut them out of your life.

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