The Quaker SupermomsJaymie Pizarro, Janice Villanueva, and Kris de Guzman—are on their way to achieving their Quaker goals. Read on to see how they are soldiering on, powered with energy by Quaker Oats.

Progress Report: Jaymie couldn’t be any more proud now that her 12-year-old Anton signed up for his first triathlon in October. He has significantly improved his swim time, too. Jaymie gifted him with a new bike and finally got him to wear a trisuit. Best of all, Anton is genuinely excited by his upcoming competition.

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Meanwhile, nine-year-old Nia is taking swimming lessons while Jaymie continues to plan sports activities to incorporate in her daughter’s schedule. Jaymie wants to make exercise fun for her kids so they won’t feel any pressure. Preparing healthier meals for them is also key, so there are more whole grains, fruits, and veggies on the table.


Progress Report: Since the challenge started, Kris has been using an air-fryer instead of oil when cooking. She’s stocking more of what the Environmental Working Group hailed as produce with the least amount of contamination, such as papayas, pineapples, mangoes, eggplants, and sweet potatoes.

Healthy breakfast meals are now a staple in their weekly menu, and her husband Jake even makes homemade cereal for the family using Quaker Oats Rolled Oats. They still consume filtered water stored in glass or stainless steel bottles to avoid harmful components found in plastic.


Progress Report: To ease them into the challenge, Janice devised a short-term plan with her kids. Coby, 16, has to learn how to prioritize and spend his time wisely. 14-year-old Zach’s goal is to participate actively in his new school. The youngest, Reese, has to explore what she loves to do.

In just two weeks, her eldest participated in a fencing competition, while Zach developed his leadership skills by taking charge of his group in the science fair. Seven-year-old Reese has been attending tennis and gymnastics classes and has discovered the joys of reading with her Julie B. Jones book series.

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