weight_worries_inside1.jpgA recent study conducted by Dove says that women who constantly worry about their weight may be hurting their careers.

The study covered 445 women who answered a survey that asked them to rate their body image, weight gain problems, body insecurities, and how anxieties affected their achievements at work.

In a report on the study published on Marie Claire UK's website, it said that "almost half of the respondents admitted to feeling inadequate in the workplace because of their weight worries." Added to this is that "15 percent [of respondents] claimed that their body insecurities have hindered their career progression."

Linda Papadopoulos, a psychologist and author, says that the results come as no surprise because when you are anxious about something, it becomes the only thing you think about, thus affecting your career. She adds, "When women grow preoccupied with their appearance, they start to think about themselves in third person. They start thinking what would a guy see, or what would another woman see."

The results of the survey support the findings of a May 2011 study conducted by the University of Florida. In the study, it was revealed that women who weighed more than 25 lbs. above the national average were paid less than women who were within the average weight range. These findings are similar to a 2009 study conducted by the University of Michigan that said that overweight women are paid less than their slimmer counterparts.

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