Everybody has bad moments—but when they accumulate, we sometimes end up with a bad day. Sometimes, taking a deep breath just won't cut it. Before you snap and spread the bad vibes, pause and know that you can turn any situation around. Here's how:

1. Smile!

We know it's hard to smile when you feel like curling up into a ball in a corner or hurling something against a wall. Faking a grin fools your body into thinking you feel great. Try to think of something funny or happy and focus on that instead.

2. Take a walk.


Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery. If you feel upset over something, stand up and start walking. Your body forces you to focus on movement and not feelings. This is where the phrase "just walk it off" makes most sense.

3. Listen to music.

When you're in a situation where you can't simply walk it off, you can make yourself feel better by putting those earphones on to listen to your feel-good playlist. Familiar songs have a way of comforting the soul. Feel like listening to tunes you'd normally listen to while at the beach? Go ahead. Hankering for tunes that make your head bob? Tune out the whole world and create your own music bubble, if you must.

4. Eat.


Chocolates, fried food, salty chips, ice cream and warm soups are called comfort food because you instantly feel better the moment you eat them. Turn to your favorite snacks when you feel like them, having a bad day entitles you to atleast one guilty pleasure.

5. Use scents to boost your mood.


So you feel that nothing's going your way and comfort food is just not in sight? Don't fret. Reach for your fave clothes washed using the Downy Parfum Collection with the new Scent Switcher technology. You’ll never know what scent you’ll get with every rub that you make. Try a citrus-scented fragrance to lift your mood like the new Downy Happiness variant.


Scents have a power to boost your mood: you can #instaswitch your scent in the same way you change your outfits!

Change from one scent to another by rubbing the fabric of clothes used with Downy Parfum Collection: the new Scent Switcher technology makes each rub give off a different fragrance. Make it a habit to #instaswitch!


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