Moms-to-be, be careful with the pills you pop to treat migraines, as TIME reports that some medications may negatively affect your unborn child's intelligence.

According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), pregnant women should avoid taking migraine medications, as many of them contain valproate sodium.

A previous study conducted by researchers from Emory University has already linked drugs containing valproate sodium to the eight- to 11-point reduction of IQ scores in six-year-old children whose mothers have taken similar medications during their pregnancy.

The FDA notes, "Women who can become pregnant should not use valproate unless it is essential to managing their medical condition.

If you're pregnant and are suffering from constant bouts of headache, don't self-medicate. Always consult your doctor before undergoing any treatment or taking any kind of drugs.

(Photo by SashaW via Flickr Creative Commons)

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