As we reach our 40s, we experience changes in ourselves that naturally come with old age, such as getting white hair or a tendency to be forgetful. However, some symptoms of aging may manifest earlier than others; a new study published in the British Medical Journal has shown that cognitive decline can start as early as 45.


The results surprised the research team since there had been no indication of early memory loss in past studies. However, the 10-year study of around 7,000 British government workers shows that this can and does happen earlier than we expect it.

In the study, the participants took various memory, vocabulary, and comprehension exams. Results revealed a 3.6-percent decline in mental reasoning in both males and females who were aged 45 to 49 when the research began.

Since the participants of the study led relatively healthy lifestyles, researchers have reason to believe that cognitive decline could be worse for others. Those who don't take care of their health may suffer from a deeper dementia or deal with memory loss earlier. Despite this alarming information, however, there is still a bit of good news. Now that medical experts have an idea of how early memory loss can start, they can now begin formulating solutions that address the problem early. After all, drugs are much more likely to work when taken at the onset of any situation.


Take care of your health to help avoid early memory decline! Reduce stress with these ideas:

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