Throughout her fitness journey, one thing Melissa Ricks learned is the importance of food intake.

In an interview with, Melissa said that “It’s actually all in the diet talaga, the food you eat. If you don’t do the diet, it’s not going to work.”

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She went on to recount how, even though she was already work out in a gym for four hours a day, she'd still resort to stress eating each time someone commented on her weight.

The actress/blogger said, “I was stress eating. The more people told me I was mataba, the more I ate.

“'Di ba 'yung iba, 'pag sasabihan sila ng, ‘mataba ka,’ magpapapayat? Ako, hindi ganun. Kasi, in fairness to me rin, I have been exercising.

However, “I realized, I (was) overeating every day.”

She shared that a consultation with a nutritionist at Marie France, a slimming center who recently became her “slimming partner,” made her relearn what she knew about dieting.

“Actually, you don’t have to kill yourself with vegetables and yucky or walang lasa food. You don’t have to starve yourself either.”

The key is the size of what you eat. She underlined, “You just eat the right proportions.


“Yung steak mo, dapat, it’s just the size of your palm.

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“If you eat pasta, ganito lang dapat, smaller than your palm [or your fist].


“If you eat chicken, tatlong piraso lang na hiwa.

“You can have your ice cream, pero huwag namang gallon or pint.

“So that’s the important thing, 'yung proportion ng food. Eat in portions din... (And) you eat on time.

“I eat six times a day, 'yung dalawa, snacks.”

Melissa also briefly talked about having a balanced diet.


“(For me), every meal should have vegetables, should have protein, and should have rice. Should have grains. It should be complete.

“And, of course, you follow as much as possible the food pyramid where you have more veggies than carbs.”

To top it all off, the actress pairs her diet with 40 minutes of exercise per day. She enjoys working out at home and walking. 

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