Part of what makes you strong are all the challenges that you’ve faced. Hurdles are a part of life, and though it’s not easy to jump over them, it’s having the courage to try that builds your character.

When you feel that life is being unfair, know that you always have the power to make things right. After all, when it hands you lemons, you can either throw them at someone else, or just be the better person and make lemonade.

1. When things don’t go as planned
How to deal: No matter how much you prepare for something, what happens is always different from what you expect. Instead of wallowing on failure, focus on a solution. Take a look at the progression of incidents that gave you botched results and learn from them. Remember that even geniuses like Steve Jobs and athletes like Michael Jordan had to face numerous adversities before becoming legends.

2. When you’re left hanging
How to deal: There will always be people who are nanlalaglag, and sometimes, these are the ones you thought would be with you through thick and thin. Know that it’s alright to be mad in such situations, but don’t let anger get the best of you so much so that you can’t move on from the negativity. And if this person continuously abandons you when the going gets tough, then it may be time to cut off ties.

3. When you’re laid off your job
How to deal: Whether it’s due to a management shift, redundancy, or cost-cutting, being called to HR and finding out that the company you’ve worked for for years is letting you go can be very hard to accept, especially when there are a lot of people depending on you.

These things may cause you to lose your sense of certainty, but do try to calm down and think with a clear head. Companies normally offer packages for lay-offs and early retirements, which are more often than not pretty huge and comprehensive. Use the time given to you before you pack your bags to start looking for a replacement job. A sideline can help, too. Who knows? Maybe this lay-off can be the push you need to finally pursue your passion.

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4. When you’re cheated on
How to deal: Cheating is probably one of the ultimate breaches of trust. It’s never easy bouncing back from the hurt caused by finding out that the person you cared about doesn’t really value your commitment as much as you do. At this point, it’s really your decision whether or not you should take back a cheater. Talk about it with your partner if you wish, think about your situation very well, and trust your gut. If you decide to take him back, have heart: Experts say that unless your partner really has something wrong with him and can’t stop his eyes from wandering, cheaters can still change. If you decide to break things off, then do so with your head up and do your best to move on.

5. When your best isn’t enough
How to deal: No matter how hard you work, there are times when you’ll always fall short. When you do, don’t take it as a failure, but as a learning experience. It may sound cliché, but think about it – you may not be the best, but you’re certainly a lot better than who you were before you started. There’s always a good pay-off for dedication.

6. When you experience loss
How to deal: Everybody copes with loss in different ways. There are no rules or schedules – just the hope that your daily routine can somehow ease your burden.

The best thing you can do is to give yourself time. It’s something you need and deserve. It may take years to get yourself standing and the pain may never completely go away, but you’re here and you have the rest of your life ahead of you. Just keep at it. Eventually, whether you believe it or not, everything will turn out okay.

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