Congratulations! You've just given birth to a precious baby. Next on your agenda: bringing sexy back. But with a demanding cutie pie in the picture, how do you find the time to work out? With all those sleepless nights changing diapers and rocking your baby to sleep, how can you even muster up the energy to lift a muscle? Say no more! Here's a realistic guide to help you become a hot momma!

1. Love your body.
Giving birth to a baby is a miracle, but it changes your body, so don't feel pressured to starve yourself to get back to your pre-baby bod. Buy clothes that really fit you—yes, it may seem impractical to buy a set of new clothes that you only intend to wear for a few months, but trust us, this is better than struggling in tight clothes that hug every curve of your body.

2. Make small changes in your fashion and beauty routine.
If you want instant results, swipe on red lipstick, draw a winged-liner, or spritz on sensual perfume. Try slipping on flirty lingerie. There's nothing like a silk camisole to help you feel and act sexy.

3. Set goals
Once you have assessed your post-partum bod, you can now set a realistic fitness goal. You can't make the post-baby weight disappear overnight, but you can tell yourself that you plan to lose four pounds in a month or that you intend to fit in your skinny jeans and denim shorts in half a year.

4. Clean up your diet
Weight loss is mainly credited to a balanced diet, and not exercise alone. Stay away from anything processed—you're probably breastfeeding anyway, so it's best to load up on nutritious foods. If you're clueless on healthy eating, check out our guide on low-carb and high-protein diets.

5. Plan your workouts
Once your doctor gives you the go signal to exercise, begin with low-impact activities like taking daily walks in the morning with your baby in the stroller. You can also follow exercise videos or try fitness apps, so you can burn calories and tone your muscles without having to leave your child at home. The best thing about it? At-home workouts won't cost you big bucks. You'll just need a mat, free weights, and sneakers. Before you embark on your fitness journey, however, you should consult your doctor first.

6. Look for a fitspiration.

To boost your willpower or get back in shape, pin photos of your fitspirations on your wall, fridge, or smartphone. Having a mental image of your inspiration, while you work out or eat your whole wheat sandwich can remind you of your end goal.

7. Monitor your progress.

Keep track of your fitness activities, diet wins, and inches lost in a chart or a notebook. As you see your progress, you'll be more motivated to see things through the end.

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