These days, almost everyone has a mobile phone or two, but while it has made communication a lot easier, researchers are still worried about how heavy usage may affect our health, according to Science Daily.

In a study initially published in the journal Antioxidants and Redox Signaling, Dr. Yaniv Hamzany of Tel Aviv University and his colleagues examined the saliva sample of 20 heavy mobile phone users and compared them with those of non- or minimal users.

They found that heavy cell phone users spent at least eight hours and at most 30 to 40 hours talking on the phone per month. Researchers also noticed that these mobile users had an increase in salivary oxidative stress compared with those who rarely made calls.

Since higher levels of oxidative stress in the saliva may cause free radicals, which have been linked to genetic mutations among others, researchers urge users to limit their calls.

Of course, it's highly illogical to quit using your phone, but try to give yourself and your device a break at night and during weekends. Not only can it lower your stress levels, but it can also give you ample time to relax and unwind.


(Photo by amareta kelly via Flickr Creative Commons)

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