Just how often do we act on impulse? Do we go with our gut, or do we use logic to make decisions? According to a new study published in the journal of the Association of Psychological Science, we are far more logical than we realize. While we do seem to follow our hearts more often than not, we do it knowing that we are somehow going against the tide.


Wim De Neys, a psychological scientist at the University of Toulouse in France, is suggesting that perhaps thinking logically is in fact thinking intuitively. In one particular study, 8-month-old babies were reportedly surprised when researchers pulled mostly red balls from a box containing mostly white balls. According to De Neys, this proves that logical thinking is somehow innate and is carried through to adulthood.

The study is said to bring about new ways to teach people how to make better decisions. By understanding that faulty logic may not always be the problem, we can focus our efforts on other possible factors that lead to poor decision-making.

For more studies on decision-making, check these out on FN:

(Photo by recircle via sxc.hu)

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