Has_feminine_itch_ever_interfered_with_your_daily_activities_article.jpgPerhaps you forgot to change your pantyshield after a long, active day, only to sense an itch “down there” when you got home. Or perhaps you went out dancing in your skinniest skinny jeans and suddenly felt the itch as you were moving and grooving to your favourite song. That’s feminine itch for you—the itching sensation in a woman’s private region that may strike when you least expect it (and happens to even the most hygienic of ladies). When it does occur, it’s not only unpleasant—it’s a complete hassle, as the discomfort upsets your mood and disrupts the regular flow of your daily routine.


Quick Tip:
Some people like to use home remedies to soothe feminine itch. This Ehow.com article suggests dabbing the affected area with apple cider vinegar, drinking two glasses of buttermilk a day to combat the itch, or even inserting a tampon coated in yogurt into your private region. But home remedies like these may not offer quick relief—and sometimes don’t even work at all.



Feminine itch is common due to yeast infection. To deal with such cases effectively, try Daktacort Feminine Care Cream, which is formulated with miconozole and hydrocortisone to help combat feminine itch at the source. It has been clinically proven to prevent feminine itch from advancing. Based on a local clinical study, Daktacort Feminine Care Cream has been clinically proven to relieve itch in as fast as 3 minutes (57% of patients experienced itch relief in 9 minutes or less). The same study has proven it mild, with over 98% of patients experiencing no adverse effect. Try it and get quick relief from feminine itch! (If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.) 

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