global_warming_inside.jpgThe debate on global warming and the effect it has on us, the economy, and the world's population can be confusing. And if enough people start debating, let's face it, it becomes annoying as well. How do you choose which actions to take? And given all the efforts that other people are already doing, do the little contributions you make really have that big of an impact in slowing or reversing its effects? After all, you're just one person.

This nine-and-a-half minute video gives you a clearer idea on just what global warming is and how it affects every facet of our lives. And Greg Craven, the guy discussing the topic in the video, gives a very convincing argument: "This is likely to be the greatest threat that humanity has ever faced. Think that's overblown? Maybe. But can you be so certain that you're willing to bet everything? Because we only get to run this experiment once."

(Screencap courtesy of YouTube)

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