If you have a regular eight-hour desk job, chances are you do a lot of sitting—and it’s a habit that you probably need to change if you want your kidneys to stay healthy.

NBCNews.com reports that people—especially women—who have been found to spend the least time sitting down at work have lower risk of chronic kidney disease. British researchers from the University of Leicester and the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust found that being chair-bound is linked to higher rates of kidney problems. Dividing 5,650 study participants into three groups based on how long they usually sit in a day, they discovered that women who are the least chair-bound have a 30 percent reduction in risk of having any kind of kidney disease as compared to those who often do. On the other hand, men have a 20 percent reduction as compared to others.

Although exercise lessens the threat of illness for those who stay glued to their chairs, it doesn’t eliminate it. “Sitting jobs need to be broken up with periods of standing. As these findings start trickling down to the public consciousness, it is hoped it will affect occupational health considerations,” study co-author Thomas Yates explains.

So does this mean that you need to find a new job that requires you to be more active? Researchers say that there’s no need for paranoia; though sitting for long periods is closely related to kidney conditions, that doesn’t mean that it’s a direct cause. What you need to do is to give yourself time for breaks. Freshen up in the ladies’ room or grab a cup of coffee and talk with your co-workers a bit. Not only will this give your brain a quick time-out, but it’ll also keep your circulation going and your kidneys working.

(Photo by David Joyce via Flickr Creative Commons)

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