In an ideal world, moms can eat whatever they want and not worry about the consequences. As they say, "A moment on your lips, a lifetime on your hips."

But having that bombshell of a body doesn't come easy. Before biting into that cupcake, feast your eyes on some of the sexiest and fittest moms in local tinseltown—and and maybe—just maybe—you might change your mind about that cupcake.

Jennylyn Mercado
The 28-year-old mom to Alex Jazz, 6 years old, brought down the 40 pounds she gained during her pregnancy through breastfeeding. Since then, she has maintained her weight and slim physique through a variety of sports and workouts, from running, biking, swimming, Pilates, Jiu Jitsun and Muay Thai.

Photo: @mercadojenny

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Sarah Lahbati
There’s no denying just how gorgeous Swiss-Filipino actress Sarah Lahbati is. And despite becoming a mom at the age of 19 to her baby Zion, she whittled down the weight in no time at all. You can see the evidence in the behind-the-scenes photos during her cover shoot for Smart Parenting's July 2014 issue.

In an interview with, Sarah revealed she has never eaten pork, and in an Inquirer feature, shares how boxing has helped her de-stress and stay in shape. She also mentions in the same article how she would go hiking as a child, growing up in Switzerland.

Photo: @sarahlahbati


Maggie Wilson
As Maggie reveals in an interview, she prepared her body for pregnancy, avoiding fast food, junk food, and sweets.

On a blog post on her website,, Maggie reveals her secrets to keeping the pounds at bay during her pregnancy, and how she quickly shed them after giving birth. She would do light exercises while pregnant, such as walking and swimming. She is also into juicing to keep the extra weight to a minimum.

Photo: @wilsonmaggie


Ina Raymundo
It’s hard to forget the sexy star who made her television debut in a beer commercial back in 1995. 19 years after, at 36 years old, she still looks just as fit—but stronger and healthier.

What’s the catch, you might ask? She has five kids with her husband, Canadian businessman Brian Poturnak. She says breastfeeding helped her bring her weight down after each delivery, as well as dieting and exercise.

Ina also spends a lot of time doing Zumba, TRX suspension training, boxing, and working out at the gym to keep in top form. She eats healthy and counts calories to monitor her diet. Her appearance in the November 2013 issue of Men’s Health is proof that her hard work is paying off!

Photo: @inaraymundo95


Aubrey Miles
In 2009, sexy actress Aubrey Miles confessed to already having an eight-year-old son, Maurie, with a former boyfriend. In 2009, she gave birth to her second son, Hunter, with long-time partner Troy Montero.

In an interview with, Aubrey shares that even if she is a mom in real life, she still hasn’t been offered to do any mommy roles because she doesn’t look like one.

The 37-year-old mother of two is uber dedicated to her diet and fitness regimen, and enjoys a variety of activities, from swimming, wall climbing, tennis, biking, weight lifting, and Plana Forma.

Photo: @milesaubrey


For more fitspiration, head to Smart Parenting!

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