Most of us would rather hide from the sun than allow ourselves to bask under its rays. Whether it’s because we’re trying to keep our skin fair or because we’re just not used to feeling the heat on our backs, it doesn’t change the fact that we could stand to have a little more vitamin D. Now that a new study is saying exposure to sunlight may keep us from developing allergies and eczema, perhaps it’s time to start staying under the sun.


Using data from a study of Australian children, researchers found out that kids living in places with low levels of sunlight have a higher risk of developing food allergies and eczema compared to those who live in areas with high levels of sunlight. As researchers looked into how these health conditions varied throughout the country, they also realized that children living south of the country were twice as likely to develop eczema than those living north. The two areas had sufficiently contrasting UV levels, which made the theory worth pursuing.

While the study looks promising, the research is far from complete. Food allergies and eczema might have been linked to sunlight exposure, but that connection has yet to be explored in detail. Sure, we can leave the house sans umbrella or plan a trip to the beach with a bottle of sun block lotion along, but it is also important to remember that staying too long under the sun can have harmful repercussions.


If you do plan to go out under the sun, make sure to put some sun block on and avoid getting sunburn! Read these articles for more information:

(Photo by zubrow via Flickr Creative Commons)

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