debloating_tips_main.jpgSummer seems to be fast on its feet this year, as the sweltering noonday heat is making everyone head to the nearest air-conditioned room—or better yet, the beach. As people start posting weekend getaway pictures on their social networking sites, you may start wondering when you will be able to flaunt yours—minus the unwanted flab.

Worry no more! Excess pounds may actually mean your body is holding excess water, which just might be easier to shed.  Abnormal water retention, or bloating, is a pretty normal for most people, but the good news is, it can be temporary. It’s caused by a lot of things, so that means that there are several ways to work around it.  We’ve compiled eight tips to help you sculpt your body and get ready for summer.

Drink lots of water.

Let’s be clear on one point: de-bloating doesn’t mean dehydration.  One cause of bloating is too much sodium intake, since it works as an instant water magnet.  Sodium buildup could be the reason for high water retention. Drinking more water can help flush all the bunched-up water and sodium molecules from your body.  Another cause of bloating is dehydration: the body needs to save up its own water reservoir to keep you from crashing if you don’t drink enough water, so better stock up on the recommended eight to ten glasses per day.

Avoid eating too much salty food.

The main component of salt is sodium, so it would be wise to steer clear from your favorite salt-laden junk food. The less sodium you take in, the less water is stored in all the unwanted places.

Sweat it all off.

Sweating is one way of removing excess water. You can hit the gym or try combining exercise with household chores—working out gives you tons of other health benefits, and it releases the unwanted water from your body’s cells that is making you feel uncomfortable.  For those who want a more relaxing alternative, try paying a visit to the sauna instead.

Stock up on cucumbers.

Try eating veggies that help flush out the unwanted bulge, like cucumber, eggplant, celery, and asparagus. These are rich with water, and they also contain potassium and magnesium, which help in maintaining the right water balance in your body.

Treat yourself to a massage.

Massages have been known to soothe tired muscles after a long day’s work, and it has the lesser-known benefit of helping to alleviate bloating as well. A good massage helps distribute water out of tissues so they can be removed properly, as opposed to the water latching onto our tissues for dear life and forming unwanted buildup.

Snack on yogurt.

Trade your salty fast food binges with yogurt since this healthy snack contains active cultures that help with digestion. Remember, a healthy digestive system equals a de-bloated tummy.

Keep your legs up.

Water buildup can also be found in your lower extremities, so try working your legs out by walking, running, or dancing to keep excess fluid at bay. There are lots of simple leg exercises too, like lifting your legs so they are parallel to the floor every hour or so—this is something you can do even while at work.

Give your leggings and stretch pants a rest.

Try to alternate your form-fitting pants and tights with flowing skirts and dresses once in a while. Tight clothing restricts the flow of fluid in your legs, which may cause water to stay there for a long time. You don’t need to swear them off altogether—just refrain from wearing them all the time.

As with all things in health, de-bloating practices are not easy fixes to your problem. You need to make these tips habits—doing these just once will not give anyone a miracle cure. So try including them in your daily activities, and sculpt your body so you’re bloat-free just in time for summer!

(Photo by Ocs Alvarez)

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