At last, the Quaker Supermoms have reached the finish line! Learn from their lessons and see how reaching their goal improved their family’s quality of life.

Progress Report: Anton and Nia have come a long way since August. The kids, who were used to signing up for so many sports sessions in the past only to quit in less than a month, have devoted Tuesdays and Fridays to swimming lessons after school. Anton has been looking forward to triathlon training with Coach Norman and meeting up with fellow tri-kids he has made friends with.

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What started as a challenge has become a commitment to a fit lifestyle, taking cue from their athlete mom. Jaymie couldn’t have done it without the following measures: setting a clear goal with the kids to swim, bike, and run more, and agreeing on ways on how to achieve the target as a team; listening to their complaints yet giving them encouragement; feeding them a healthier breakfast of oatmeal and fruits everyday; and having fun every step of their Quaker Goal.


Progress Report: A big move is happening soon, so Kris’s focus is on creating a healthy environment out of their new home—a condo unit. With the help of her friend Melanie Teng-Go, the first accredited building biologist in the country, she had her new space assessed in terms of its air, water, and energy quality.

The OC mom learned practical tips on how to maintain healthy air indoors: installing air filters in air conditioners and turning the exhaust fan on for 10 minutes after a bath to ward off humidity and molds. To reduce electromagnetic radiation, turning off the router when not in use and keeping the mobile phone away from the pillow during sleep are healthy practices.


Progress Report: Raising teenagers is no easy feat; however, Janice is keen on instilling the right values in her kids even at this age. They were given the chance to be “kidpreneurs” at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar where they had a booth to sell products they made, giving them a feel of the ins and outs of creating a business. It was also an opportunity for them to give back, as they shared part of their earnings to help Yolanda victims.

Janice’s goal is to raise strongly principled kids who have the wisdom to know right from wrong. One of her joys comes from knowing that her son Zach’s new-year resolution of doing one good deed a day continues—his own little effort in making a positive impact in the lives of others.

A fiber-rich breakfast goes a long way, especially in gifting the family with a sound mind and body. The Quaker Supermoms surely know best.


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